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We want to hear your stories about Exotic Travelers. How and why did you become a member? How has it changed your life when it comes to vacations? What are your favorite things about the membership? If you want to be featured on our Guest Blog, make sure you fulfill the following requirements.

  • You must be an Exotic Travelers member;
  • You must have traveled to one of our resorts at least once using your membership;
  • The blog must be between 500 and 800 words;
  • The entry must be a positive personal experience with Exotic Travelers (celebrating your anniversary, getting engaged, or taking your children on holiday for their birthday) and highlight the benefits of being a member of Exotic Travelers.

Send an e-mail with your full name (to be credited), membership number, and blog entry to mlopez@exotictravelers.com with the subject GUEST BLOG SUBMISSION. Submitted blogs will be read and selected by our editorial team. Depending on the amount of blogs received we may not publish them all. In either case, you will be notified about the reception of your entry and selection process.

We will be publishing Guest Blogs once a month. If we receive a heavy load of entries, we may start publishing more frequently in order to feature as many stories as possible.

For those not selected for publication: you will receive an e-mail informing you of our decision. You can give us written consent via e-mail to use your story for our social media, Newsletter and Exotic Travelers Magazine.

For those selected: we may ask for photos to accompany the entry prior to publishing – if you send them, you are agreeing to have them published on our blog and Exotic Travelers social media accounts. You will receive a Thank You e-mail and notification of selection, as well as a date of publication.

*Disclaimer: blogs may be edited for comprehension, length and grammar. There is no monetary reward for being published. You will be credited for the blog and may use it as a personal reference as long as Exotic Travelers Blog is credited for publication.

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