Why You Should Spend Christmas in the Riviera Maya

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to the white Christmas, and embrace the warmth of a Caribbean feast instead!

‘Tis the holiday season, and as some prepare to receive Santa Claus and the New Year in the chilling cold of the north, you are wondering why you’re not spending the holiday season in a bikini with a margarita in hand. And let me tell you – you have every right to wonder such things. Why shouldn’t we all spend the Christmas holidays sipping on a cold beer with our feet dipped in the warm ocean waves of the Mexican Caribbean? Well, that’s exactly our wish for the season and so here are our reasons to spend Christmas in the Riviera Maya.


Warm Weather

Um, hello? Who wants their bones to hurt during Christmas? Not even Santa Claus! In fact, I’ve spoken to him, and he’d much rather be wearing swimming trunks, too. But in all seriousness, the warmth of the Caribbean is definitely a cozy invitation to spending the holiday season. Sunny throughout the day, but not scorching hot like during the summer months, and people are very festive despite not being buried in snow.



I think we all know that Mexican people are very, very festive. In fact, they are known for using any old excuse to throw a party. So, it’s no surprise that the Christmas season is a very, very good reason for some good parties. In fact, in Mexico the season is known as Guadalupe – Reyes, kicking off on the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12th, and ending on the day of the Three Kings on January 6th. So, if you want some fiesta, you’re sure to find it.

So. Much. Food.

I’m sure this is a general thing around the world, but are you eating tamales? I didn’t think so! Many Mexican families celebrate with traditional Mexican food such as bacalao (fried salted codfish), romeritos, pozole, turkey (which, in case you did not know, is native to Mexico and part of the United States and Canada), buñuelos, ponche, and of course, rosca de reyes.

Everything There is to See

Since you’re already in the gorgeous Riviera Maya, you might as well use the opportunity to explore its amazing and diverse natural beauty. Cenotes, archeological sites, nature, tons of wildlife, and much more is available in the region for you to see.

Global Destination

The Riviera Maya is a global destination, attracting people from around the world. This means that you will be celebrating side by side with people who are just as new to Mexican traditions as you are, and who will share their home country traditions with you and those around you, as well. This gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons about this holiday.

A Different Kind of Christmas


Being a mainly Catholic country, Mexico celebrates Christmas quite differently than what most of you are used to in the United States and Canada. The holiday relies heavily on the actual celebration of the birth of Christ, although the Americanised version of the fiesta is very dominantly present. Perhaps the best part, however, are the posadas, which is a tradition brought from the original story where Mary and Jesus asked for a roof when she was pregnant with the child. The posadas are today a traditional Mexican party which goes hand in hand with part of the party asking for refuge, and the other party denying it at first, then opening the doors to let them in. There is also a piñata, which represents the seven deadly sins, tons of fruit, punch, and plenty of food and drinks to go around.

Happy holidays from the Exotic Travelers family!

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