Three Must-Try Foods in Jamaica

It may be the long, white, sandy beaches, or the calming turquoise water that has many people longing for a vacation in Jamaica. It may be its culture, its people, its music. To others, however, it’s all about the gastronomy. In reality it’s a mix of this all – but today, we’re focusing on the delicious African-infused cuisine of the Caribbean nation.

Your stay in Jamaica (and we do recommend staying on the world-renowned Seven Mile Beach, and possibly at a Gourmet Inclusive® resort such as Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Jamaica) cannot be fully complete without some magical tastes. The Jamaican cuisine that people love so much is actually a mixture of its heritage, from the indigenous people to the later inhabitants such as the Spanish, African, Indian and Chinese. Of course, jerk chicken is an obvious choice to try as it is Jamaica’s most popular dish and is virtually found in every corner of the island. We’re talking real unique foods here. Once you’ve landed in the island and settled in, make sure to go in search of these three must-try Jamaican foods.



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They are a staple of the Jamaican diet and are easy to find as – like with jerk chicken – they are found around every corner of the nation. Vegetarian, spicy, cheesy, beefy, or whatever your heart desires, there is no shortage of Jamaican empanadas.



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Fried and covered in butter, these little side dish delicacies are often found in every breakfast, lunch and dinner menu around Jamaica. Locals tend to eat them to accompany savory dishes such as ackee and saltfish. And speaking of this…


Ackee and saltfish

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This dish may not be the most traditional in many senses due to the mix of sweet (ackee) and salty (codfish), and what it is cooked with (Scotch Bonnet peppers, onions, tomatoes and allspice). Ackee is a tropical fruit which is sautéed alongside some delicious codfish. The strangest part of this is that it is usually served for breakfast.

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