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Mexican Beatles

“Really enjoyed Azul Beach Resort The Fives main street entertainment each and every night. This one is the “Mexican Beatles” just outside of the Gin Bar.”

Thank you Glen for sharing your #ExoticExperience with us! #PositiveSunday


Towel bear

“It’s the little things that made our stay an amazing #ExoticExperience”, said Matt our dear #ExoticMember.

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Gourmet inclusive

“Just checked in Azul Beach Resort The Fives, only 2 night this time. I forgot how cute this little resort is. Everything is going great so far, our butlers are super attentive and all our special requests were fulfilled. Custom alcohol selection for the win.
What a great way to celebrate a PROPOSAL my boyfriend surprised me with 2 days ago!”

Thank you Maria for sharing your #ExoticExperience #PositiveSunday


Sunset Palafitos

“An absolutely phenomenal birthday dinner in the palafitos. The restaurant is stunning! ” said Susan our dear #ExoticMember!

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“Thousands of resorts around the world have beautiful beaches, stunning rooms, and gourmet food, but none have Jorge Dominguez! He is the Bell Captain at El Dorado Seaside Suites and one of the best men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He surprised my wife Susan and I with this beautiful towel art display for Valentine’s Day.
Come here once for the beach, come for a life time because of the people! Thank you Jorge Dominguez!”, said our dear member Tony.

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Nothing, but the blue sky! Thank you Lori for sharing your #ExoticExperience with us! #PositiveSunday

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Member's Exotic and Prestige

“This picture is of Edgar (Eddy) Rivera, who was a butler at El Dorado Seaside Suites a few years ago. He is a fabulous butler who will leave a lasting impression on you. He goes the extra mile to make sure you feel special, and seems to know what you want or need before you do. He is a very kind, warm and special young man. El Dorado Maroma is lucky to get him, and those of you who visit El Dorado Maroma are in for a treat. If you are there now and see him, please give him a hug for me.”

Thank you Debbie for sharing your #ExoticExperience with us! #PositiveSunday


Generations Riviera Maya

Thank you Jean Parker for sharing your #ExoticExperience in Generations Riviera Maya #PositiveSunday

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