Montenegro and Serbia – why they’re bucket list material

The hidden treasures of Eastern Europe have a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists. Both Serbia and Montenegro deserve a spot on your bucket list.

Europe hides many gems that are slowly starting to make their way to the spotlight. A lot of this has to do with the great flocking of tourism that no longer wants to see Western Europe (and it doesn’t only boil down to the insecurity that is running through its veins), but also because Eastern Europe is so full of culture and history that it’s becoming a hotspot for new things to discover. Croatia has long been a very popular destination, and so now those who want to avoid the handful of tourists heading to the Adriatic country, are looking for new destinations. Montenegro and Serbia are two countries that are bucket list material and have a lot to offer. Here are six reasons why you should consider visiting these countries on your next trip.

They’re more affordable

It is cheaper to fly into Montenegro or Serbia than it is to fly into Western Europe. However, it isn’t just about the flight – you will be able to splurge on meals, tours and souvenirs without hurting your budget.

Gorgeous natural beauty

Durmitor National Park

Photo by SarahTz

Whether you’re heading up the well-marked trails of the breathtaking Durmitor National Park in Montenegro or are taking in the gorgeous untouched landscapes of the mountain lakes in Serbia, there is no shortage of fresh air. Both countries offer a selection of natural places that seem taken out of a fairy tale.

Delicious gastronomy

Be prepared for a culinary feast in both Serbia and Montenegro. The fusion of eastern and western cuisine surprises palates from around the world. The Serbian diet is focused on slow-cooked meat, olives, cheese, and other delicacies. The national cuisine of Montenegro is very Mediterranean, focusing mostly on fish and seafood, rice and meat with cheese.

More than traditional festivities

Serb traditions and festivals are something not to miss. Whether you’re visiting during national festivities (and they have plenty of Balkan traditions), or during one of their eye-catching international events (such as the Nisville International Jazz Festival or Belgrade´s Beer Festival), you are in for a musical, colorful and culinary treat. Montenegro doesn’t drift far behind, offering a plethora of events such as the annual Montenegro Open taking place in Budva or the Underwater Film Festival in Kotor.

Activities for everyone


Photo by WebDonut

History buffs have something to find in Serbia and Montenegro. Foodies are in for a real treat in the Eastern European nations. Those looking to lounge and relax have the Karisma Hotels & Resorts properties for a stress-free vacation. Adventurers in search for exciting challenges have a selection of activities to choose from.

There is something for everyone in both Serbia and Montenegro and they deserve a spot in your bucket list.

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