Jackson Family Wines: Inside the Culinary Series, by Karisma

Karisma Hotels & Resorts, award-winning luxury hotel collection with properties in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, hosts an annual Jackson Family Wines Culinary Series, by Karisma. With notable guest chefs and wine personalities, the week-long monthly even walks attendees through a true epicurean experience.

Year after year, Karisma Hotels & Resorts, award-winning luxury hotel collection, has managed to enthrall Exotic Travelers members with their stellar lineup of top chefs and wine masters throughout the year. The Jackson Family Wines Culinary Series, by Karisma was launched in 2013 and building on their past success, it continues to excite guests with an invigorating display of epicurean happenings with a luxurious backdrop: the Riviera Maya.

Gourmands and oenophiles come together to experience the delightful creations of guest chefs and wine personalities that walk you through the amazing tastes, notes and feelings of wine pairing with gourmet cuisine. In partnership with Jackson Family Wines, El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels, by Karisma, has now become the epitome of a true Gourmet Inclusive® Experience.

The epicurean encounters start from the first Monday of every month and carry on for five days offering a variety of events hosted by notable chefs and sommeliers. From wine tasting classes to chef showcases, the week climaxes at the Winemaker’s Gala Dinner & Cocktail. The delectable wood-like notes of a Pinot Noir mixed with the soft bite of a rib eye dipped in seaweed sauce, or the playful taste of the Prosecco mixing with the sweet flashes of a passion fruit ice cream are one of the things that makes the Jackson Family Wines Culinary Series, by Karisma, the cherry on top of a perfect vacation.

Behind this unique world-acclaimed series is the idea to “continue to elevate the program and deliver vacations unlike anywhere else in the world, providing guests with a unique opportunity to expand their epicurean expertise and enjoy exceptional food and wine in a luxurious and relaxed environment”.

The globetrotting guest chefs and wine personality pair up with Karisma’s own Michelin star restaurant-trained chefs and sommeliers to bring only the finest tastes to our true stars: our members. The closing Gala Dinner is an event like no other, taking place at the exclusive Fuentes Culinary Theater at El Dorado Royale where chef and sommelier walk attendees through a step by step of their 5-course menu and choice of wines. This year, Karisma has proudly hosted guests such as Donnie Masterton, Jason Dady, and Chris ‘CJ’ Jacobson, who have complimented their experience with the wine choices of Jose Tenorio, Jeff Bishop and Evan Field, respectively.


Wine personality Jose Tenorio and Chef Donnie Masterton pose with Gourmet Chefs from El Dorado Maroma

The remainder of the year continues to hold surprises and promises mouthwatering delights at the hands of Chef David Santos, Neal Fraser and Brooke Williamson, amongst many others. If you wish to attend any of the future events, you can check the full calendar here and contact your Personal Concierge for details and reservations.

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