How to Make a Reservation Step by Step

Planning a holiday is quite exciting, especially when the reservation process is easy and straight-forward. If you want to book your next vacation to the Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Jamaica or anywhere in the world with Exotic Travelers, follow these easy steps on how to make a reservation in the portal.

One of the most exciting things to do is plan a holiday. From choosing your next destination to actually flying out to enjoy it, the process might be long but definitely worth it. As an Exotic Travelers member, we try to make your process as light and easy as possible, and so we have made this step-by-step list on how to make a reservation through your Exotic Travelers portal. It is as easy as it gets, and you will be enjoying your next vacation before you know it.


Login to your Exotic Portal and click on Book Now (Make a Reservation).

Reservation 1


Pick whether the reservation is for you – the member – or for Friends & Family.

Reservation 2

If you select Friends & Family, you can either use the Rewards Program or the weeks of your membership.


Click on your name (if you are the eligible member) or the name that appears as an option.


Select a country, hotel, travel dates and number of guests.

Reservation 3


In case of selecting some of the guests as children, select their age at the time of the reservation.


Select the room type you wish to reserve.

Reservation 4


Select the transfer options for your reservation (this is not required).


In case of selecting a transfer option, provide your flight information to facilitate your pick-up from the airport upon your arrival and from the hotel upon your departure.

Reservation 5


Select the add-ons you wish to add to your reservation and check the summary of your selection before continuing.

Reservation 6


Complete the remaining guest information.


Let us know if you have any special requests, room preferences and contact method.

Reservation 7


Add a promotion coupon (if you have one), pay the reservation in full or make a deposit.


Start the countdown for your vacation!

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