How to Exchange your Explorer Weeks Step by Step

With your Exotic Travelers membership, it is easy to travel around the world in a heartbeat. Your Explorer Weeks allow you to have access to thousands of destinations anywhere in the world. Here is how to exchange your Explorer Weeks in six easy steps.

With your Exotic Travelers membership, you get the added benefit of being able to travel around the world through an exchange program. Exotic Travelers is affiliated with the best vacation exchange companies in the world offering our members literally thousands of worldwide destinations to choose from. If you have made your rounds through the Riviera Maya, Jamaica, Punta Cana, Colombia and even Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro then it might be time to look for a new adventure elsewhere.

However, it seems many members are often baffled by the how to of their Explorer Weeks. In an effort to make your lives much easier, here are some easy steps on how to exchange your explorer weeks for a new vacation adventure.



  • Click on Explorer Weeks.

Exp Weeks


  • Review your member contract for full details on your exchange affiliations.


  • Select the exchange company of your choice (The Collection, RCI, Interval, DAE, amongst others).


  • Complete the form to submit your exchange deposit request.


  • Enjoy your Explorer Weeks vacations anywhere around the world.

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If you require further information into how to exchange your weeks or have any questions about your contract, you can contact Exotic Travelers’ Member’s Service at 1800 466 9552 or by email at

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