How to Change Your Reservation Dates on the Exotic Travelers Portal

Booking through Exotic Travelers has always been easy. Now we’re making it easier for you to change your reservation dates, as well.

Many times you need to shift around reservation dates due to extraordinary circumstances. Or perhaps you booked during a sale without being certain of when you would have days off from work. Maybe you booked but need to change your dates for whatever reason. Luckily for our members, there is an easy process to change your reservation dates without any hassle.

Check out the full video or the step by step instructions below:

Here is the how to do it on the Exotic Travelers website:

  • Log in to your account on the Exotic Travelers portal.

How to change reservation 1

Once you have logged in, you need to go to My Account on the dashboard. Check your Active Reservations List and click on the one you wish to reschedule.

  • After choosing the corresponding reservation

How to change reservation 2

Once you have chosen the reservation you wish to move, click on View Details. Once the reservation details page has loaded, you will need to find a box titled Dates, and click on the edit button.

  • Shift your dates on the easy-to-use calendar

How to change reservation 3

Once you clicked on edit dates, you will find an easy-to-use calendar that will allow you to shift your reservation dates on a 14-day prior and after window. Your original promotions will be honored within this window if still valid. If you wish to book outside this 14-day window, you can click on the Book Outside Dates button, which will allow you to choose any other dates. Prices will reflect our best current rates.

  • Save and continue

How to change reservation 4

Once you have selected your new dates, you must click on the Save & Continue button. You will find yourself back on your Reservation Details page where you should be able to see your new dates and price displayed in the summary.

Booking through Exotic Travelers has never been easier. With us not only will you get the best rates, but also all the flexibility to shift them around. If you’re still uncertain on how to make a reservation on the portal, follow these easy step by step instructions.

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