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Celebrating Mexican Independence Day

September is fast approaching, and with it the biggest Mexican party of the year: Independence Day.

Montenegro and Serbia – why they’re bucket list material

The hidden treasures of Eastern Europe have a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists. Both Serbia and Montenegro deserve a spot on your bucket list.

7 reasons to visit Colombia this summer

Whether it’s the lifestyle, the beaches, the food, the friendly locals or the nightlife attracting you to Colombia, here are seven reasons why you should consider it for your summer holidays.

15 phrases in Spanish to survive your holidays in the Riviera Maya

Exotic Travelers shares 15 Spanish phrases to survive your holidays in the Riviera Maya.

6 Reasons Why Croatia Should be on your Bucket List

Nestled on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Its ancient walled towns, its intriguing history, and its warm summer weather make it perfect for an #ExoticExperience in the best getaway destination.


4 Traditions to Experience in Mexico

It goes without saying how lively and colorful Mexican people are and how proud they are of their country. Who wouldn’t be, really? They are a land full of delicious cuisine, hard-working individuals and amazing ancient traditions that they keep celebrating to this day. As a regular tourist to this destination, you should embrace some ...

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Riviera Maya at Least Once a Year

People love visiting the Riviera Maya, and why wouldn’t they? There is tourism for everyone, there are hundreds of activities to choose from and there are many places to visit. Here are our top 6 reasons why you should visit the Riviera Maya at least once a year.