Canadian Beef: Inside the Culinary Series by Karisma

Karisma Hotels & Resorts, award-winning luxury hotel collection with properties in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, hosts an annual Canadian Beef Culinary Series, by Karisma. With notable guest chefs and wine personalities, the week-long monthly event walks attendees through a true epicurean experience.

For the fourth consecutive year, Canadian Beef – in partnership with Jackson Family Wines – has made its way down to the spectacular Riviera Maya in Mexico. The reason for this quality beef migration is, of course, the Canadian Beef Culinary Series, by Karisma. Taking place at the award-winning Karisma El Dorado Spa Resorts, the series has been a culinary success that takes guests on a mouthwatering learning culinary experience.

Canadian Beef 2

From the haute cuisine artistry of succulent beef cut preparations to a simple juicy burger hot off the grill, Karisma is committed to making every meal a magical experience. Top chefs from Canada flock south during the second full week of every month of the year to delight attendees with culinary creations with wine pairings that others can barely even imagine.

Even after four years, the event continues to be an attention grabber, with guests and Exotic Travelers members constantly monitoring which chefs and wine personalities will be present during their booked vacations. The Vice President of Food & Beverage for Karisma Hotels & Resorts, Jeroen Hanlo, was happy to announce 2017’s roster. “With our continued partnership between Karisma, Canadian Beef, Jackson Family Wines and Air Canada, we can provide an elevated and unique hands-on culinary experience for guests at El Dorado Spa Resorts, by Karisma to enjoy.”

This world-acclaimed culinary series has seen the likes of chefs such as Johnathan Gushue, Pati Wilkinson, and others. For 2017, the lineup includes Chinched Bistro owner Shaun Hussey, Cheese Boutique Executive Chef Basilio Pesce, S. Pellegrino’s 2016 Best Young Canadian Chef and executive chef at MARKET, Sean Macdonald, amongst many others.

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These star-studded chefs pair up with Karisma’s own Michelin Star-trained chefs to bring a unique experience to guests. The idea is to take them through a culinary journey paired with the finest wines and accompanied by a great ambiance under the beautiful skies of the Riviera Maya.

The remainder of 2017 continues to hold surprises for future guests, promising an epic party for your taste buds and a thrilling adventure for your heart. Find out more about the Canadian Beef Culinary Series, by Karisma on our website.

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