7 Things Smart Travelers Do

Traveling can become stressful for rookie travelers that have yet to master the skills of a smart traveler. Here are seven ways to become one.

Every time travelers board the plane, the train, the bus or the car on their way to their destination, they are already thinking about how to make this journey completely unforgettable. Even if they’re going back to their usual destination for a second, third, or tenth time, they’re ready to have “the best vacation yet”. We already know Exotic Travelers members are quite smart in their travel itineraries. They know what they want, when they want it and why they want it. There is no wrong answer to traveling, but these are 7 things we believe make a smart traveler.

Travel with people they like

This sounds pretty plain, and perhaps even slightly obvious to some, but smart travelers are definitely those that know how to choose their traveling companions. Companions must be people who have a good connection, a pleasant personality and are more easy-going than control freaks who want to override the experience. Perhaps a group of friends, a spouse, a family, or some colleagues are the perfect people to take on vacation.

They know why they travel

Again, this might sound obvious, but what really lies under the urge to travel somewhere – even if it’s the same place over and over again? Is it because it’s like visiting family? Perhaps there’s a special significance to a certain place? Are you just set to discover every corner of the world? Smart travelers are those that have a drive and reason to be somewhere at an exact time.

Preparation is crucial

A smart traveler knows to be ready for any situation that may arise while on their travels. They are prepared for emergencies, for surprises, for plan changes…basically for anything. They carry no stress with them, just the necessary things to adapt as the vacation flows. This makes their vacation stress-free, truly relaxing and quite unforgettable.

They are patient

Patience is a virtue not many travelers take with them abroad. A smart traveler knows that each country has a different mindset, different culture, and different way of handling things. Travelers must always be aware that there will be hiccups along the way – whether at the airport, hotel or anywhere else they visit during their holiday. Patience is the key to an enjoyable vacation.

Leave the resort once in a while

There’s more to see and do beyond the resort walls. Venturing outside to see where the locals eat and drink, how they live their lives outside work, and what other places the destination offers are perfect ways to mingle with the locals and learn new things about the place they’re visiting. Smart travelers always take a chance outside the resort and see what is beyond the common touristic offerings.

Learn local traditions

While on the subject of leaving the resort, another thing smart travelers do is learn about the culture and adopt it during their vacation time. For example, those visiting Mexico could learn the true way of tasting tequila like a true Mexican, or they might enjoy the very festive traditions of the country. For those traveling to Jamaica, perhaps learning about the rastafari culture and being able to somehow channel it into their week abroad could give them a whole new perspective on their destination.

They set no expectations

Expectations are for rookies. With no expectations come no disappointments. Not that there will be any, but the higher your expectations are, the greater the chance of crashing and burning real fast. While you may set expectations for a AAA Four Diamond resort – which is, of course, more than acceptable -, expectations on things people cannot control should be thrown out the window in order to experience a vacation like no other.

As Exotic Travelers members, you are already some of the smartest travelers in the industry, and being able achieve these seven points will put you ahead of everyone else. Keep enjoying your laidback luxury holidays at Karisma Hotels & Resorts in our seven destinations – you’re already winning at this vacationing competition.

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