6 reasons you need to visit Montenegro in 2018

Croatia isn’t over, but Montenegro is giving it a run for its money. Here are six reasons why you should visit Montenegro in 2018.

Montenegro is not monochrome, as its name may suggest. It is not expensive, it does not have a boring historical and cultural background, and it is definitely not a destination you should miss. If Montenegro is not on your bucket list yet, we are about to give you six reasons why you should consider it as your number one priority destination for that trip you’re planning in 2018.

  1. Rich in nature and beauty
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Photo by Marcin Konsek

Yes, ‘Montenegro’ translates to black mountain; but Montenegro is everything but monochrome. Its picturesque towns are the picture-perfect scene of the Mediterranean; however – beyond its bustling cities and quiet towns – Montenegro offers a variety of beautiful natural spots for nature-lovers to enjoy. Hike the Durmitor National Park, raft down the Tara River Canyon, walk to the top of Kotor’s fortifications. Because of its geographical location, there is a wide range of flora and fauna, as well as beaches, rivers, canyons and mountainous plains.

  1. It’s affordable – even more so than Croatia

It’s easy to overlook Montenegro with Croatia shining so brightly right next door. Croatia has taken the crown for the hottest European destination to visit; but Montenegro is giving it a run for its money. Quite literally. Economically-speaking, Montenegro is a real catch. Its food is sourced locally, and it is much less known and commercialized than its Balkan neighbors. The best part, however, is that most of its natural escapades are absolutely free.

  1. Authentic national cuisine

Typically Mediterranean, yet as diverse as Central European cuisine can be, the national cuisine of Montenegro is downright delicious. Fresh seafood, hearty meat dishes, lots of cheese, a varied selection of wines, lamb with sweet gravy, and so much dessert. In Montenegro, your palate will be spoilt for choice.

  1. Stunning coastline
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Wind Rose Resort by Karisma

Let’s be honest – the main reason to visit Montenegro is the stunning coastline, with its 295 kilometers of coastline and boasting 120 beaches. The sandy beaches are plentiful and offer gorgeous sights. There is also no shortage of islands and islets that are ready to blow you away with their stunning beauty. In fact, we’re certain that one of the best ways to discover Montenegro is by boat, and since sailing is a favorite pastime, you’re sure to find someone to take you through its crystal-clear waters. Even if you’re more into the historical and cultural offerings of Montenegro, your itinerary is sure to eventually take you to the sun-kissed sandy beaches of this Balkan country.

  1. Historical and cultural importance

While nature is certainly one of the biggest attractions of Montenegro, it is also a country with a very rich history and a vibrant culture. It has historical sites that date back to the 12th century and plenty of stories to tell behind its walls. You can visit the Njegos Mauseloeum, the architectural beauty of Ostrog Monastery, the ancient ruins of Stari Bar, the Our Lady of the Rocks on the Bay of Kotor, or the Roman-Catholic Church. Don’t miss out on Kotor’s Fortifications, or the variety of old towns surrounded by mountains. All of this accompanied by poetry, theater, music, dance, festivals, and a very diverse nightlife.

  1. Exotic Travelers properties

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