6 Reasons Why Croatia Should be on your Bucket List

Nestled on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Its ancient walled towns, its intriguing history, and its warm summer weather make it perfect for an #ExoticExperience in the best getaway destination.

Nestled on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Its ancient walled towns, its intriguing history, and its warm summer weather make it the perfect getaway destination. If you don’t have Croatia on your radar, it’s time to learn why you should put it on your bucket list.

Stunning beaches

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The gorgeous turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea are a stunning view themselves. Croatia boasts 1,800km of beautiful coastline filled with interesting, lively towns and cities (Split and Dubrovnik come to mind) creating jaw-dropping views. It is the islands, however, that really make Croatia pop. Thousands of islands are spread across the coast of Croatia offering some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. White pebble-lined coasts, clear azure waters, and unspoiled beauty make Croatia a must-see on anybody’s bucket list.

Intriguing history

Croatia has an incredible history. Its proximity to Italy makes it home to historic Roman ruins, colosseums and a handful of Stone Age sites. In Split, you will find the Diocletian’s Palace. In Pula, the 1st century amphitheater that will leave you breathless. Dubrovnik doesn’t have ruins and architecture, it is a UNESCO-protected town in itself. The typical and antique Croatian architecture lines the streets of its colorful cities and its distinguished monuments are a must-see.

The food

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As if we would not include this on the list! Croatian food is the perfect mix of the classic Mediterranean and Italian cuisine and the more modern, adaptable delicacies. Seafood is a specialty, but you will also find plenty of beef, lamb and vegetables around the country. While the coast is more fresh seafood, the inner lands are dominated by meat. Let’s not forget about our sweet tooth. There are plenty of pastry shops and ice cream parlors.

The wine

The climate in Croatia makes it a perfect place for vineyards. This means that small local producers will have you trying the most delicious wines. Hey – they give Italy a run for its money! Dalmatia, for example, is a proud producer of wine (which go perfectly with a risotto). It is also the one exporting Croatia’s finest wines.

The nature

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While the delicately built brick cities and old towns of Croatia certainly have their charm, a lot of the Adriatic country’s appeal lies beyond walls. This gorgeous European country is home to a UNESCO Natural Heritage site – Plitvice Lakes National Parks -, amongst many other beautiful natural wonders. Lakes, waterfalls, caves, islands, parks, archipelagos, river canyons, and much more, are waiting to be discovered by vacationers.

For everyone

It’s got something for everyone. Those looking for a party can visit the more hip cities of Hvar Town and Rab Town, whereas those looking for a wine trail should go to Dalmatia. If it’s the white pebbled views you’re searching for, you can head to any part of the coast, and even venture out onto the islands. Food lovers must go to Istria and go on the olive oil route, whereas those for a glamourous summer should just rent a yacht and sail along the coast, taking it all in.

Exotic Travelers and the Karisma Hotels Adriatic have you covered with all the luxury you deserve when visiting Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The rest of your vacation and the fabulous views of the gorgeous country we leave up to you and your taste. What are your reasons for visiting Croatia?

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