5 Ways to Enjoy Cartagena Like a Local

Colombia has overcome its history of violence and turned it into an opportunity for travelers to explore. The local people, the delicious gastronomy, the stunning views and the never-ending salsa dancing are reason enough to hop on the next flight and head to Colombia. Final destination? Cartagena.

Colombia has had a long history of violence, but the country has managed to turn their negative media attention into a positive by inviting people to visit the gorgeous South American country. The truth is, the local people, the delicious gastronomy, the stunning views and the never-ending salsa dancing are reason enough to hop on the next flight and head to this pre-Hispanic country. It boasts many options, naturally. Should you stop by Cali, Medellín, Bogotá or another major city? Should you get lost in the coffee heart of the country? Should you just lay back and enjoy Cartagena? This last option sounds optimal to us. The city, drenched in vibrant colors and buzzing with street chatter, has quite a lot to offer to experienced travelers like you.

Once you have checked into Allure Chocolat, by Karisma or Allure Bonbon, by Karisma and taken a well-deserved rest, it is time to hit the beautiful colonial seaside city and explore it like a true local. Here are five ways to enjoy Cartagena like a true Colombian.


San Felipe Fort

Photo by S23678

A lot of the city’s – and the country’s – history lays within this beautiful fort. If you want real insider information and want to soak in the culture and history that has brought Cartagena to today’s point, get a local guide to walk you through.


It’s the Caribbean. Trust us, there are plenty of delicious fruits hard to find elsewhere. Local fruits such as lulo, caimito, zapote, and uchuva are sweet and tasty. They also taste quite delicious when blended into a cocktail!



Photo by fercho112

Getsemani is the up-and-coming, hipster neighborhood of Cartagena. What was once an abandoned region of the city is home today to trendy restaurants and hip bars. This is the place to go for a night of fun salsa dancing with plenty of locals. You never know, you may learn a move or two.


Being a seaside city, Cartagena is lined with seafood restaurants. Take the time to explore a couple of these. Whether you’re enjoying fish tacos with an ocean view or eating a delicious ceviche at the crowded La Cevicheria, you mustn’t leave the city without a taste of seafood.


What better way to enjoy the city as a local than to actually speak to the locals? They’re friendly, helpful, always smiling and always willing to help. Pop into a small shop, into a local café or a bar and start up a conversation with a local from Cartagena. They will give you the recipe for an unforgettable vacation.

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