5 Stages of Post-Vacation Withdrawal

Going on vacation is admittedly awesome. Going back home? Not so much. Here are the 5 stages of post-vacation withdrawal.

If you’ve ever been on vacation, you have probably felt slightly miserable coming back to reality. I mean, who wants to sit in front of a computer and work when you just spent a wonderful week lolling under the Caribbean sun, margarita in hand, with nothing on your mind but what gourmet restaurant you’ll be trying for dinner? But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. These are Exotic Travelers’ 5 stages of post-vacation withdrawal and some ways to cope with them.

  1. Depression

This stage can occur before you’re even done packing to go back home. It’s that moment when you realize it’s all over and there is nothing you can do about it. You must board that plane the next morning and head back home to reality. How did time fly by so quickly when you literally just landed 5 seconds ago?

There aren’t many ways to cope with this except to move on. But it does help to make yourself a nice Gourmet Inclusive® piña colada once you’re back home.

  1. Anger

Uh-oh. Why is everything bothering you so much? Why does the coffee at the office taste so bad and why, oh why, is it raining? Ugh, everything sucks. At this point, all you’re thinking about is how to win the lottery and live on eternal holidays. You feel like everything crushes your soul slowly.

The best way to deal with this stage is to focus your energy into something else. Whether it’s a hobby, putting a few extra hours at work, or volunteering somewhere, the more you keep busy, the less time you’ll have to go off about everything.

  1. Self Pity

Ugh, Carol is on vacation AGAIN? If only I had a job that paid me enough to be going on holiday like her. This stage is where you’re always feeling sorry for your situation, and admittedly, feeling envious of everyone else. Please stray away from social media. It’s not Carol’s fault you’re holiday is over. At this point, everything about everyone else makes you feel sorry for yourself. Why are the Kardashians jetsetting across the globe and I’m stuck at home being a worker bee?

The best way to stop feeling sorry about yourself is to stop comparing your existence to others. You weren’t born into the Royal family and cannot afford a life of luxurious travels. You’re also not the heir to some empowering kingdom, nor is Carol better or worse than you. Limit your exposure to social media and let time take its course.

  1. Nostalgia

You’re almost there. Now it’s all just about thinking about all the great times you experienced on your holiday. You’ll find yourself flipping through your photos and reminiscing about the very moment when you took it. You’ll make yourself a chocolate martini and think back on the swim-up bar when Raúl or José were making one for you. It’s time to let go of all the negativity and start being a little bit more hopeful.

  1. Hope

Ah, you’re free. Now all you’re feeling is happiness and the thrill of planning your next holiday. You had a great time at your favorite Exotic Travelers resort and now it’s time to log on and start booking your next vacation. Let the countdown begin!

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