5 Karisma Restaurants You Can’t Miss

Karisma Hotels & Resorts and Exotic Travelers offer guests a unique culinary experience at every one of their resorts. These are our favorite restaurants.

Karisma Hotels & Resorts, along with Exotic Travelers, offers a unique culinary experience for guests and members alike. The base of the experience created for anyone visiting our resorts is for them to truly be immersed in an epicurean journey right in the middle of paradise. Each resort offers a variety of gourmet restaurants with some of the best chefs in the world, but these are our favorite.

Le Chique at Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Mexico


This AAA Five Diamond restaurant isn’t only a culinary delight in its molecular glory, it is also The Best Restaurant in Mexico. Le Chique takes food to a whole new level, where it isn’t just the taste, but the whole experience around it. This is modernist cuisine, where nothing is as it seems. Its tasting menu is specially designed to puzzle, amuse and amaze diners.

Spacewalker at Nickeldeon™ Hotels & Resorts


You might hear “interstellar cuisine” and think of what astronauts such as Niel Armstrong munch on while on space missions – and you’d be absolutely right! With signature dishes such as Houston We Have a Problem or drinks such as Milky Way, you are in for treats from across the galaxy for tastes that are out of this world.

Mia Casa at El Dorado Seaside Suites


If Italy is on your bucket list, you’re in luck – Mia Casa offers couples and friends the ultimate Italian dining experience in the resort’s most romantic and intimate restaurant. The typical Italian village decor takes you to a faraway land that many only dream of. Enjoy delicious Italian favorites with a traditional backdrop, not forgetting that the Caribbean ocean is just a few steps away.

Ackee at Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Jamaica


The ackee fruit is perhaps the most important one of the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. That is why at Ackee you can find a variety of local and Caribbean specialties with an emphasis on Jamaican spices and flavors. Moreover, the restaurant offers a delicious view of the ocean so your family can enjoy a true Jamaica experience.

Lima Limón at El Dorado Maroma


Perhaps the name hints at exactly what type of cuisine we serve at Lima Limón; but in case you missed it, it’s the delicacies of Peruvian cuisine. Explore the diverse flavors of authentic Peruvian gastronomy in a serene setting overlooking the award-winning Maroma Beach. The fresh ceviche served here will give any other ceviche in the world a run for its money!

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