5 Chefs We Love at Karisma Hotels & Resorts

Keeping it real delicious.

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World Culinarian’s Day comes around once a year, and since we at Karisma Hotels & Resorts believe in the Gourmet Inclusive mantra, it’s only fitting that we spend today highlighting the standout chefs who make all the magic happen at our resorts. From 24/7 room service, to fresh ceviche during lunch and 20+ course tasting menus at dinner, these are people who bring the Gourmet Inclusive to life with their innovative offerings. Here are 5 chefs at Karisma Hotels & Resorts we pay compliments to today, and every day.

Chef 1

El Dorado Spa Resorts – Chef Florian Durre. A member of the El Dorado Spa Resorts family since 2015, Florian originally came from Germany where he spent time training and carrying out apprenticeships. It was during this time he came to cook with ingredients like truffle, foie gras and other gourmet elements he never forgot. He also spent time in the German military, working in the kitchen to tirelessly ensure everyone was fed properly. In 2006, he traveled to Mexico and has been – surprise – working in the kitchen ever since. He is currently the Executive Chef at El Dorado Royale, El Dorado Casitas Royale, and Generations Riviera Maya.

Chef 2

Azul Beach Resorts – Chef Daniela Vallejo. A Mexico native, Daniela learned to cook when she was a mere 6 years old, conquering sunny side up eggs one breakfast at a time. She began formal cooking classes at 15, and studied culinary arts in college in Mexico City. During this time, she was presented with an internship at Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Mexico’s Le Chique Restaurant. Her training excelled further than expected and as such, she was brought to Azul Beach Resort Riviera Maya to showcase her culinary talents. She’s now the Executive Chef at Azul Beach Resort Riviera Maya, developing new menu items overseeing cost controls. Oh, and she’s won the Karisma Culinary Contest two-years and counting. Girl power!

Chef 3

Generations Resorts – Chef Thushara Saman. Karisma Hotels & Resorts’ first Indian chef, Thushara has transformed the popular Haab Restaurant into an Indian eatery with savory dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Shrimp & more. Prior to joining the Generations team, he lived in Sri Lanka for 20+ years pursuing his education and working in several resorts in the culinary team. In 2014, he decided on a change of pace and wound up in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. In addition to revamping Habb, Thushara will also visit each Mexico property to train staff on Indian cooking techniques.

Chef 4

Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana – Chef Dayleny Dominguez. New to the culinary world but full of spunk, Dayleny Dominguez is a Dominican Republic local who grew up between her native country and New York City. After studying culinary arts in college, she moved to Mexico where she worked at Le Chique restaurant before taking her talents back to her homeland at Kitchen 23 by Le Chique at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana. Her multi-course menu inspired by the concept at Le Chique combines local flavors with modern avant-garde presentations. She loves trying new techniques, playing around with senses, and SpongeBob, of course!

Chef 5

Le Chique – Chef Jonatan Gomez Luna. A mention of World Culinarian’s Day wouldn’t be complete without Chef Jonatan. With numerous awards under his belt including Best Restaurant in Mexico by Travel + Leisure, his culinary techniques rival that of Michelin-rated chefs around the globe, and have made Le Chique an eatery not only where guests want to dine, but also where guest chefs want to visit. This 20+ course tasting menu is a once in a lifetime experience.

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