6 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Riviera Maya at Least Once a Year

People love visiting the Riviera Maya, and why wouldn’t they? There is tourism for everyone, there are hundreds of activities to choose from and there are many places to visit. Here are our top 6 reasons why you should visit the Riviera Maya at least once a year.

Let’s be honest – whether or not you have an Exotic Travelers membership (and if you don’t, you should look into it!), visiting the beautiful Riviera Maya is a dream for everyone. It is no surprise that millions of people flock down to enjoy the never-ending summer weather that the Caribbean coast of Mexico offers. We love sharing our love for the Riviera Maya, which is why we’re sharing 6 reasons why you should visit at least once a year.


The Great Mesoamerican Reef and the stunning beaches are home to a wide variety of unique wildlife. Throughout the year many natural wanders take place, so by changing your yearly visiting dates, you can enjoy the great variety of animals that temporarily come to the Riviera Maya. Whether you’re swimming with whale sharks one July, watching the last sea turtle hatchlings make their way home during September or scuba diving with the bull sharks in January, there are many reasons to come visit at least once a year.


Although we live in an eternal summer-like weather, the temperature still changes drastically during different seasons. Our winters are cool, dropping down to 20°C (68°F) and allowing you to enjoy warm weather without the intense heat. Summer is great for those who really want the heat of the season, reaching up to 37°C (98°F) and with high humidity. September and October tend to be rainy, making temperatures drop to about 28°C (82°F), but still allowing time for a wonderful vacation – rain doesn’t usually fall all day, although there are daily showers.


Mexico is a land full of colorful and interesting traditions. If you’re visiting in September one year, you will enjoy the mes patrio (patriotic month), when we celebrate the Mexican Independence. However, if you come during early November, you will enjoy the beautiful festivities of the Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). Although we don’t necessarily celebrate Cinco de Mayo, if you visit on those dates, you will most likely find something happening for the tourists. All in all, we have something going on throughout the year because Mexicans love fiestas and sharing traditions with other cultures.


The main reason why you should visit the Riviera Maya at least once a year is because there is so much to see and usually, so little time. What is commonly known as the Riviera Maya extends from just south of Cancun City to the last tip of Punta Allen – which is an hour south of Tulum. That means there are over 180km (112 miles) to explore. Whether you’re searching for secluded beaches, monkey sanctuaries, natural animal habitats or a party district, you will find it all here.


Because the Riviera Maya is situated over such a long stretch, you can find many different types of tourism. You will find top-notch luxury adults-only hotels (like El Dorado Royal), luxurious family-friendly all-inclusive resorts (such as the Azul Beach Resort), nudist resorts (like Hidden Beach Au Naturel Resort), boutique hotels, beach camping sites, hostels, couchsurfing, and many more options. There is also always something different to do. If you want an all-relaxing vacation just on the beach, you can find it. If you’re here for Spring Break, you’ll find the party. For those looking for aquatic adventures, there are hundreds of snorkeling and scuba diving options. The point is, there is something for everyone.


As an exclusive Exotic Travelers member you have the ease to travel to the beautiful Riviera Maya (and other worldwide destinations) without hassle. Your membership entitles you to endless travel, luxurious amenities and services, top-tier AAA Four Diamond resorts and to a lifestyle that would make anyone jealous. Make the most of it and book your annual trips with Exotic Travelers.

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  2. The Riviera Maya is The place for your next holidays !
    I went in holidays 7 years ago and i couldnt leave !
    Nice post !

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