15 phrases in Spanish to survive your holidays in the Riviera Maya

Exotic Travelers shares 15 Spanish phrases to survive your holidays in the Riviera Maya.

One of the hardest parts of traveling is being able to communicate in the local language. Even if you’re staying at a Gourmet Inclusive® Four Diamond resort where everyone can speak to you in English, speaking a few words of the local language can go a long way. At Exotic Travelers we care about you being able to communicate when you are outside our award-winning resorts, so here are 15 phrases in Spanish to survive your holidays in the Riviera Maya. Mind you, we’re skipping over the very obvious hola greeting and the gracias acknowledgement.



Necesito ir a… I need to go to…
¿Cuánto cuesta…? How much is…?
¿Habla inglés? Do you speak English?
¿Dónde está…? Where is…?
Yo quiero un / una… I want a…
No entiendo I don’t understand
¿Puede hablar más despacio? Could you speak slowly, please?
¿Dónde está el baño? Where is the bathroom?
¿Puedo ver el menú? Could I see a menu?
Buen provecho Bon appetite
¿Cómo puedo llegar a…? How can I get to…?
Disculpe Excuse me
Buenos días Good morning
Buenas tardes Good afternoon
Buenas noches Good night

Mexican people are quite friendly and open and they love to help foreigners get around. Make sure you always flash a smile, throw in an hola and always, always thank them for their help. A simple muchas gracias can get you a long way with everyone – anywhere. When traveling outside the resort, make sure you have a small dictionary or translating app to help you along in places where people might not speak your native language.

However, the most important thing is not to stress, to have fun and enjoy your holiday at one of our prestigious Karisma Hotels & Resorts!

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